"Commodity" in the Tech World

Brandon’s post predicting that WiFi will be free in two years reminds me of one of the points in Shwartz’s latest post: software isn’t a commodity, bandwidth is a commodity,

[C]ommodities, by definition, are those products for which a universal and perpetual demand exists – the planet is your marketplace, and everyone is your customer. Commodities yield massive opportunities.

[…]Can you discriminate one company’s bandwidth from another? Pricing, yes. Bandwidth, no. Can you discriminate one company’s browser from another? Yup, especially recently. How about one company’s mobile handset? Linux distro? 4-way x86 server? Absolutely. They all make that bandwidth useful and interesting, but they’re highly differentiated technology products.

Of course, he’s highly biased (as I and many of you, dear readers, are) but it’s an interesting, well put idea.