Tapestry by Example [Lone Star Software Symposium]

Erik Hatcher gave this one. I only went to the first half of the
full 3 hours ’cause I just wanted a little taste of Tapestry. There no
sane way we’d get out of doing Struts at work, and I don’t think I’d want to
take the time to really learn another UI framework for my own fiddling
around: I’d rather have a go at implementing my own thing.

At any rate, it’s good to get a quick look at Tapestry: it’s got a
completely different model than Struts-JSP land based around event
listening and a wicked parser that does magic with HTML pages marked
very slightly up with HTML attributes.

That was pretty much the gist of the first half. I really like the
event-listener model though — I understand JSF is pretty much like
that — and it’d probably be my first approach to my own UI framework.