eXtreme Struts [Lonestar Software Symposium]

I’m not one to talk in boastful ways, but I guess I’ve been doing
Struts too long: mot any talk or article I go to about Old Man MVC
seems introductory to me.

But, hey, if you were someone who wanted that, it seemed good in
that respect. He chided folks who didn’t use XDoclet, which was kind
of interesting. I buy into the whole XDoclet for Struts thing for
small applications, but once they get bit, I actually like that layer
of indirection (or “abstraction”) that all those
struts-config.xml‘s provide.

Keeping all that meta-data so close to the code makes me feel a wee
bit nervous. Despite that, in that Struts web application world, I
can fully see that the majority of the struts-config.xml might as well
be compiled: you don’t need the ability for non-compile time
compilation for the majority of actions, their forwards, form names,
scopes, etc. could easily be “hard-coded” via XDoclet or, in Java
5.0, annotations.

There was mention of PlugIns which, while I’ve never used, were a
bit interesting to see presented. I wanted to, but forgot, to ask his
opinion on multiple modules for struts-config.xmls
vs. just comma separating them. I don’t ask questions that much, and
I’m usually disappointed by the answers, ’cause they’re usually “it

This one was done by David Geary