IBM to make Java database open source

CNET reports
that IBM is going to open source Cloudscape, a
Java, embedded DB. I have a certain loathing for databases, but over the years I’ve realized that it’s not so much the DB part that I don’t like, but that they’re usually separate systems.

Thus, embedded DB’s that are pure Java — like Cloudscape, McKoi, and Hypersonic — seem pretty attractive. Hopefully, since Cloudscape was once commercial (?), it’s extremely robust, scales, and all that stuff.

Finished In Search of Strupidity

I finished reading In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters today during lunch. All in all, it was an excellent book, and I’d recommend it to anyone in the software bid’ness. It’s got: (1.) good history of the software world, and, (2.) a good catalog of stupid mistakes software firms have made. The personal recollection footnotes can be tiresome at times, but that’s about it.

PATROL Express News: Dell PATROL Express Server

The new Dell Patrol Express Server is preloaded with Patrol Express, an agentless monitoring and performance-tuning tool. The server is bundled with configuration support and administrative training.
“Vendors Step Up Enterprise Management”

our (BMC’s) info
on it.

(I found this via my
Feedster search for “BMC Software”
: it’s pretty neat, I just get an RSS filled with whatever items Feedster has encountered with that phrase. There’s a lot of resumes and job posts in it, but there’s also news stories like the above.)

Open Source Lock in, Cyanea, Apple & Hacking, RedHat App Server

“Open source about vendor choice?” – if open source is all about being able to switch, why does RedHat have such a hold? Companies would rather pay a vendor than research and test out all the options? Is it the “one neck to squeeze” thing?

IBM buys Cyanea
– “James Chong, Cyanea’s president and CEO, will head an effort within IBM to consolidate different application management tools, IBM said. Financial terms were not disclosed.”

‘Stunned’ Apple rails against Real’s iPod move

In a terse statement, a “stunned” Apple accused RealNetworks of adopting the “tactics and ethics of a hacker” with the release of its Harmony software. Harmony allows songs sold via RealNetworks’ online store to be played on a variety of portable devices, including Apple’s iPod and Microsoft-compatible rivals.

What’s funny here, of course, is that people like Steve Wozniak where hackers, and go to great lengths to glorify the word “hacker” to stop it from being used in the above sense.

RedHat Java App Server – “The software is based on JOnAS (Java Open Application Server), an open source application server developed by ObjectWeb, a nonprofit middleware consortium in Europe. It incorporates the Apache Software Foundation’s Tomcat Java servlet engine and Struts, a software framework for building Java Web applications, the sources said.”

“Big Pimpin’, Spendin’ the Billions
– “A deficit topping $425 billion would be well above the shortfall of $374 billion in 2003, which was a record.”

Biz Books on the Cheap

Last night Kim and I stopped by the Goodwill on Lamar. They’ve reduced their book section by a row, I think. However, I found some cheap books that’ll be worth reading — or, at least, taking the risk of buying and finding out they’re not worth reading:

  • Permission Marketing
    by Seth Godin. I really like
    Free Prize Inside
    , and though the title sounds a bit boring, I’m thinking Permission Marketing be a good ‘un too. We’ll see.

  • In Search of Excellence
    – even though

    In Search of Stupidity
    totally rips apart this one in the first few pages, the classic Peters book looked interesting after flipping through it. I always like reading about recent business history (like

    The Money Game
    Liar’s Poker
    ), and there seemed to be plenty of that, esp. of old tech companies like Wang, DEC, and the suit-and-tie IBM. I remember my dad had a copy of this from his IBM days: I think I got it at one point, and later sold it to Half-Priced Books ’cause I never got around to reading it. All that Hemingway must have edged it off the reading list back then…or maybe that was when I was
    reading high quality books like

    Mutants Amok

Links: Smalltalk, Getting Work Done, Code Examples

  • SmallTalk!:

    Consumer electronics manufacturers have experimented with the technology, attracted not only by the serviceability but by its small size: as low as 128kb, which includes a TCP/IP stack. For example as a research project, Bang and Olufsen built the VM into digital speakers, which could then be modified over FireWire.

    How does it achieve this magic? OOVM’s technology comes in two parts, a VM and a development environment, and it uses Smalltalk.

  • Getting Work Done
  • Examples – “It’s hard to overstate the importance of examples. Everybody thinks in terms of examples. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they don’t.” Our man Matt is big-time into this.

My Old PO Box has Increased in Value!

We all get reams of dumb SPAM, but this one is especially good:

I have completed the appraisal on po box 8712 austin, tx 78713-8712 us. As of Saturday July 24, 2004 your home has increased 24.3 in equity since January 15, 2004

The decision to purchase po box 8712 austin, tx 78713-8712 us has been a very wise one after all. michael you are now sitting on equity that was not available to you last March. Do not let it sit there and waste. Turn it into immediate financial gain for the cote’ family.

michael do not let this opportunity go.

Damn! Too bad I stopped paying the $20/yr. for that so many years ago! I could be sitting on a whopping $24 with that kind appreciation! Jesus, how am I gonna send the dogs to college now?!

I blame Bush. Both of ’em.