A Lil' Disruption, and a Company Level Process for Innovation

This talk, with Q&A, by Clayton Christensen is pretty interesting. The slides that kind of go with it are interesting as well, esp. the last ones that he didn’t get to.

One of the most attractive aspects of his thinking is that it’s more than just observations and insights about being a company that innovates: there’s a process that he comes up with as well. There seems to be a trend along the lines that innovation isn’t random “brain-storming,” but is instead a deliberate set of steps you take.

In Free Prize Inside, this process is called “edge thinking” (if I remember correctly): you take a normal idea/thing, and push it to, even beyond, the edge of what seems normal and acceptable. Perhaps an example is whacky USB drive/camera I linked to earlier today. It takes a normal USB drive, and not only layers on a camera and other devices, but adds the free prize of being a fashion accessory. Imagine that: computers as a fashion accessory.

Sure, it’s not the best example in the world (esp. for this audience ;>), but it’s sure something more than a cheap-o looking USB drive. (Granted, when those first came out, I just about crapped my pants at how awesome they were: I went out to Fry’s the next day and bought one…I never really use it for anything, but it was so frickin’ cool!)