Interview with T.J. Rodgers

Check out
this interview with T.J. Rodgers
, CEO of a Calf. chip company. For a CEO, he’s amazingly straight-forward and political, e.g.:

The practicality of voting shows that you have to be a Democrat or Republican, if you want your vote to matter. In my case, I’m a registered Republican, but I’m always trying to get rid of their “moral majority” crap. There are a lot of Republican CEOs like that, who believe in economic freedom, free markets, free trade and also don’t really buy into the moral-majority part of the current Republican party.

I’m a certified Austin liberal heathen wing-nut, but I’d almost have to say that that sounds good:
get rid of all that moralizing through law, bully-pulpit, and funding — all of it — and I might be listening. There sure isn’t shit-much of a difference than that between the two parties anyhow…at least that I can tell.


You’d be insane to open a manufacturing fab in California. You need a big piece of land, you need freeway access to it for your employees, you need water and power, and you need a local government that wants you there. Then you need a local or several local schools to provide you with a relatively large number of trained people to work in the plant. You obviously want to pay wage rates that make you competitive in the world. What I described is not California.

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