Google and RSS

According to an internal Google e-mail seen by CNET, the company has been considering the change and last month assigned at least one staffer to write a memo summarizing technical details relating to RSS. The request came amid a broader discussion touching on extending RSS support for new Blogger subscribers and Google Groups, which supports Atom but not RSS in a test version of the service.

“Google mulls RSS support”

What I don’t get — at least with Blogger — is why RSS isn’t available for all weblogs. I had a Blogger Pro account (before they all became free), so I can still publish in RSS (which I do). So, obviously, they just turn it off for new weblogs.

I’m a programmer, so I understand, of course, the desire to just do it one way, but they’re already commiting to doing it both ways…so why not offer to everyone. It just seems silly not to.

Now, granted, there are other syndication points in Google, e.g., Google Groups Beta, so maybe all this “mulling” is over those sites.