Links: Offshoring Expectations Mature, SAP Agile-ish, Lesko

  • Successful Offshoring Takes Work
    : “But investors must negotiate a thicket of unstable government policies, underdeveloped financial markets and shaky infrastructure in much of the world, participants at the International Finance Corporation Global Technology Conference said. ‘You have to be willing to be intrusive in these places in ways you don’t have to in Arizona.'”
  • Eclipse Getting Big: “use of the Eclipse IDE as a primary development environment grew 90 percent in North America, 70 percent in the Asia Pacific region and 60 percent in EMEA. Overall, on average the use of Eclipse grew more than 75 percent across the three regions.”
  • SAP on User Involvement in Development:

    SAP’s new technique is to gather as much input from different groups as possible, at the earliest stages of development, Plattner said.

    “We use a multistage, multitier approach. We tried to get some outside input, write some scenarios, build a mock-up — a visual markup of what we want to do,” he said.

    “We get some sense of what is possible, what is not possible, and then we have enough stuff to build a real prototype. That’s working.”

    This type of development isn’t really so startling, but it is startling (and encouraging) to hear someone as big as SAP talking in this way.

  • Matthew Lesko interview:

    “People are so unhappy working for large organizations, because, really, they don’t care,” Lesko said. “When you have your own thing, you can paint the world your way — the way you always wished the world was.”

    (Via the Fast Company blog.)

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