Office Plants and Sprite, Pitch for Rosebud Remake

bushwald: I gave the office plant half a can of Sprite. Do you think that’ll work out?
ez_rosimmon: it can probably play a mean game of b-ball now if those commercials have any basis in fact
bushwald: Or wear it’s cloths inside out.
bushwald: …I haven’t watch TV in awhile.
ez_rosimmon: lol


cholden: I got this idea for a movie: Super rich publishing magnate dies whispering a mysterious final word. A platoon of reporters sets out to discover the meaning of the word, and in essence, the meaning of the man’s life. In the end, they fail in their mission but the audience sees that the word is the name of the man’s childhood sleigh.
cholden: I think the word should be “pussylips”.
bushwald: I like it. Could we change the “reports” to be MTV VJ’s though?
bushwald: reporters, that is.
cholden: Aces! We should just send the idea to Paramount and have them just mail us the Oscar now.
bushwald: OK, wait, and this is just me talking here what about we make a reality show out of it: 15 Americans randomly picked and screened go on a “quest” to find out about his childhood. The winner gets to be on the cover of People and US.
bushwald: AND we could sell it to Spike! That TV channel! They’d eat it up!
cholden: The losers have to eat crickets and squid ass or we chop off a finger.
bushwald: Oh, no, no, no: to ABC: they’re dying for a hit! This is it. What does “pussylips” spell, my friend, “M-O-N-E-Y.”