Bob Edwards, Service Automation, NCR

I don’t know if it’s ’cause Bob Edwards is full tilt into
lame-duck-land, but he’s
mighty feisty in his interview
this morning about service
automation: you know, the whole, “in two years, two robots will be
doing this interview. Great.”

Indeed, service automation is like the off-shoring of the service
world. How am I gonna go be a Wal-Mart greater when my job is finally
shipped off-shore if a friendly ro-bit exists to do it?! Crisis!

I guess there’s always being a

high-tech Hillbilly
: I can always
draw 3 X’s on jugs and blow in da empty ones for my olde timey
entertainment…and have kettle popped pop-corn. Now that I think about
it, the ro-bit and me would be best friends, weee-haaa! Where’s my

…on that note, the
April issue of Business 2.0 had an interesting article about
, mostly how the CEO — Mark Hurd — has gotten the massive POS
and ATM company into the black and beyond.

(As most of you, dear readers, probably know, “POS” not only stands
for “Point of Sale,” but “Piece of Shit.” So it’s a little chuckly to
see an article entitle
“The Wizard of POS.”