The Dogs at

A few months ago we took Yeti and Auggie to Dirty Dog, a “self-service dog wash”: they have huge sinks and water hoses to wash your dog with, including all the shampoo, conditioner and ear wipes you need for about $15-20 (if I remember correctly), and that’s for two LARGE dogs. Compared to $80/dog for “profesional grooming,” it’s a God damn good deal.

Kim pointed out that they have our dogs in their on-line gallery. So, of course, I must place a link a to them here: they’re on page 3 (Yeti) and page 4 (both). I’m not sure who that guy is that looks like he wet his pants…must be some Lamar-crazy we paid to hold the dogs for the fotes.

Also, on those same pages check out the “Sam Sheepdog”-type dog and the unfortunate cat.

Incidentally, if you like dogs (sure, we all do), Kim (as part of the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue group) is arranging the next “Pyrs in the Park,” at Auditorium Shores, on May 15th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Dirty Dog is donating coupons to give away! A bunch of people and big white dogs will be there, sniffing around trying to get people to adopt or foster them or their (wait for it…wait for it…) peers.