Links: IRS IS Woes, Java in Brazil, Flow, Agile Interviewing

  • “For the IRS There’s No EZ Fix” – another article on the IRS’s late, over-budget, etc. project to modernize it’s 1960’s era “Master File” system which “is nearly three years late and $36.8 million over budget. Eight other major projects have missed deployment deadlines by at least three months, and costs have ballooned by more than $200 million.” Being from CIO Magazine this one if focused on the management aspects of the story.
  • “How Java Technology and XML Are Improving Healthcare in Brazil” – I went to a presentation on the use of Java in Brazil’s Healthcare system at last year’s JavaOne. Because of the scale and it’s asynchronous-distributed nature, it’s success is impressive, esp. compared to the above IRS woes.
  • Flow – Dave Thomas reviews an interesting personal (?) information management product:

    Say you’re doing web research on “rubber ducks.” As you browse the web, you highlight paragraphs from interesting pages and drop them into Flow. Gradually you build your research into a local Flow document. You can annotate that document, adding your own notes. And, if you need more details, you can click on any of the original text and Flow will pop you over to the original web page. The linking works with files, images, whatever.

  • “Hiring for a Collaborative Team”
    , via MemoRanda.