Re: Kim on Harold and Maude

As usual, the more inane a post here, the more comments it gets. And why not? It’s fun!

The below comment, in response to Kim’s comment on Harold and Maud is, as I put it, “awesome.” It’s what you might call a “perfect specimen” of it’s type…whatever that type is:

everyone has a right to have an opinion but you are a fucking loser. maybe your angry and something that the movie made you feel. harold and maude is a masterpiece. is this what the internet is for? loser.

Be sure to see Kim’s response to all this hoopla if you’re in the mood to omit capital letters from your typing.

We happened to see Jay at lunch today, which is apropos, as this another instance where Valanju’s Maxim applies: “this is what the Internet can do for us.”