Small Bid'ness on EBay is Big

Crouse’s first product was a small light called a BagLight for the inside of women’s handbags.

‘It’s for women who are always fumbling around looking for things in their purse,’ he said.

Crouse sells BagLights for $8.95, plus $2 for shipping.

He sold 200 of them in November and December 2002. That was enough to expand, Crouse says.

‘If it was 10 in two months, I wouldn’t have pursued it,’ he said.

By now, he’s sold 5,000 BagLights. Many of the sales come via eBay, but he also maintains an independent site and sells through a other channels, such as retailers.”

[…]And the basic cost of $9.95 a month “is a very low barrier for entry,” said Rosenthal.

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