Less Spam

Since I’ve started using a new email address, my rough estimate is that I’ve managed to avoid well over 500 pieces of shit…er…”spam.” I haven’t checked my email all week (I wasn’t kidding about being a ludite when it comes to a speedy email response), and it’s at 411 right now. I’ve been using the new address for two weeks, and I know I’ve caught and deleted at least 89 other messages.

Because I didn’t want to stop using my Yahoo! Email account (with all the folders, filters, messages, and settings just how I likes ’em), all I really did was filter all email addressed to my old email address (cote@pobox.com) to it’s own folder; also, I told everyone I could think of to start sending emails to the new address. None of that’s rocket science, but I’m surprised how effective it’s been.

I still need to go around to my domain names, Amazon, and other places and put in new email addresses so I don’t miss emails sent the old address when I — with much glee — select all and then delete without having to sift through to find the few nuggets.

The lesson learned, I think, is to very careful give out your email address (obviously). Instead, if you have plenty of domain names and unlimited email forwarding, as I picked up from Charles, create a new email address for each place you give your email address to. For example, for Amazon, I should create the address amazon@coteindustries.com. This serves several purposes:

  1. If Amazon gives out my address, or the address otherwise falls into the hands of spammers, I can track where the leak occurred. Not that I would really do anything (or be able to do anything), but it’s still very interesting info.
  2. Should the address get out, I can easily quarantine it (like I’ve done with cote@pobox.com) and prevent it from cluttering up my inbox.
  3. I can easily remember which email address I gave Amazon. You have to use your email address to login, so it can’t be some randomly generated thing.