Re: Kim on Harold and Maude

As usual, the more inane a post here, the more comments it gets. And why not? It’s fun!

The below comment, in response to Kim’s comment on Harold and Maud is, as I put it, “awesome.” It’s what you might call a “perfect specimen” of it’s type…whatever that type is:

everyone has a right to have an opinion but you are a fucking loser. maybe your angry and something that the movie made you feel. harold and maude is a masterpiece. is this what the internet is for? loser.

Be sure to see Kim’s response to all this hoopla if you’re in the mood to omit capital letters from your typing.

We happened to see Jay at lunch today, which is apropos, as this another instance where Valanju’s Maxim applies: “this is what the Internet can do for us.”

More from Lean Software Development

[T]he principle deliver as fast as possible complements decide as late as possible. The faster you can deliver, the longer you csn dely decisions. For example, if you can make a software change in a wekk, then you do not have to decide exactly what you are going to do until a week before the change is needed. On the other hand, if it takes you a month to make the change, then you have to decide on the details on the change a whole month before it is due. Rapid delivery is an options-friendly approach to software development. It lets you keep your options open until you havfe reduced uncertainty and can make more informed, facty-based decisions.

From Lean Software Development.

IM at Work, Anecdote about IM Adoption

The mktg@msft guy, John Porcaro, has an interesting post on guidelines for using IM at work. One of this more interesting suggestions is to actually use the “status” (or “presence”) feature.
Our teams at work are (recently) spread out over many locales, and all of us have been struggling with getting the communication just right between everyone.

I’ve previously only thought of, and used, IM as a “friends” type of thing, but I’ve been noticing other folks, like Matt, increasingly using it for work. I even saw Matt mark his status as “Busy – Code Reviewing” yesterday; it seems he forgot to change it after awhile, but, whatever, it was an effective use of that little string of text.

The first hurtle is getting everyone to agree on which IM application to use; Yahoo!’s IM seems to have caught on at work, primarily due to the early adaptors using it. The other thing is getting people to use it. The most successful approach (for people in the same locale, at least) seems to have been a slightly viral, and very un-work, approach: the IM Environments, or, to use their silly, TM’d word, “IMVironments”.

The favorite IM Environment, no longer available for some asinine reason, was the JUICY FRUIT TOUNGE TWISTERS (those who’ve used it can’t help but think of it as shouted every time it’s said). You’d get the pick any number of words from different lists, and hear them played out in silly voices.

So, if someone who had IM was foolish enough to leave their speakers turned up all they way, you’d send them a burst of these tongue twisters; usually it’d be something raunchy like, “SALLY! LIKES! SALTY! PANTS! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! PERIWINKLE!” This was highly “effective” in meetings where the portable privileged had brought along their laptops.

Now that the JUICY FRUIT TONGUE TWISTERS is gone, we’ve been reduced to having fun with the “Brawny Man” quiz IM Environment which, while fun, doesn’t beat two solid minutes of your computer yelling out “WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!”

Anyhow, once people saw how fun it was to “use” IM in this respect, they’d take the trouble to download Yahoo! IM and start using it. Sooner or later, they just keep it running, and start using it for more work related things.

One of the Teams I'm Currently Working With

Check out this pic of the team I’m currently working with most of the time (I’m “on loan” from the PATROL Express team). These are just the folks in Austin, there’s more of ’em in Houston and the Boston area.

I’m in the green shirt, front row, second from the left. I was looking particularly “Austin-y” that day. See if you can spot Super-JP; it ain’t hard.

Also, from Chip, check out this gonzo blog, WULAD.

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The Venerable Kim Phung

I’ve been going to Kim Phung since sometime in high school when Mason said, “we should check out this place my sister said is good.” Or maybe it was his dad. Whatever.

I go through cycles of really liking it and being tired of it. I even wrote one of those “expository essays” back in school about the charbroiled pork and egg roll bowel bowl, my favorite at the time. Currently, I’m somewhere inbetween, in that “ehh…” zone.

I looking up their number for some take out, I found this restaurant review page with a funny comment on their soup,

Kim Phung is one of the few places of this type where you can get an individual size bowl of hot-and-sour soup: their version is…interesting, but I’m not sure I like longhorn orange soup.

Indeed! What the fuck is that orange stuff in there? It tastes so good though…