Managing Information Workers' time

Information workers spend an average three hours a day messaging, creating documents, searching for information and knowledge and carrying out other information management activities. This is a huge chunk of time that needs to be managed to deliver value.


  • “45 per cent of the time was spent handling email. The average user receives 44 e-mails and sends 17 e-mails daily. If all these emails required a considered response, this represents a considerable workload and a few overwhelmed people received as many as 500 emails each day.”
  • “Voicemail accounted for 19 per cent of time spent while despite all the current hype, instant messaging occupied only five per cent and portals eight per cent of information workers time.”
  • “One of the other most interesting findings of the survey was that the users valued document sharing much more highly than email: 64 per cent saying that it was extremely valuable.”

The full report available online, or there’s just the full Article the above is cut-n-pasted from.