Looking for Java API's Online Drives Me Insane

Once again, all I want to do is link to a common JavaDoc page (for javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory) and
the official java.sun.com page is of no immediate help.

Every single “package” should have 3 things immediately available on their front page:

  1. A short overview
  2. A direct link the spec without all that fuckin “I Agree to a bunch of shit I’m not ever going to read” bull-crap
  3. The JavaDocs

They can put news and links to other projects — you know, all that shit I never read — somewhere else: whenever I goto java.sun.com the above 3 things are all I ever want, and the 3 things hardest to get.

(OK, rant over ;> As ever, Google is more useful for finding what you want than the actual provider of the information.)