Eckel: Rethinking weblogging (and everything else)

Because elegance is difficult and time to market is crucial, many have come to believe that the former should be sacrificed for the latter. It’s hard to argue against this. The rabbits that rush a half-working piece of garbage to market are usually the ones that are wildly successful, whereas the careful tortoises are never noticed.

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Part of what I’m trying to convey in this article is the subtle threshold beyond which a thing is just a bit too complicated to absorb into your toolbox, along with all the other tools. The subtlety is that it’s possible to use that tool, but beyond a certain vague point it’s just a little bit too hard to put down and then easily pick up again later, and for me, that’s the crux – not whether it’s usable at all, but how easy is it to put down and pick up?

4 thoughts on “Eckel: Rethinking weblogging (and everything else)

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