Dell's All About Saving the Customer Money

At a primary level we’re committed to what saves customers lots of money. If we felt utility computing would save customers lots of
money, we’d immediately have utility computing. But we don’t believe that’s the case. There are a lot of schemes that companies come up with to lock the customer in to a proprietary mechanism. This is one of them. I’m hard-pressed to see customers say we save a whole bunch of money by doing it. We just haven’t seen it.

There’re many other good parts in this interview, e.g.,

Q: How do you see the overseas market shaping up?
Dell: China’s already become the second-largest market in the world. We’re the largest nondomestic company in China, after Legend.

Q: Is that still true after Scott McNealy’s announcement on Sun’s deal with China?
Dell: I don’t know what we’re going to do (laughs). We’re just going to have to close up shop now that Scott’s there. He just continues to amaze.

Q: You don’t believe him?
Dell: Of course I don’t believe him. Do you believe him?

Dell’s bruskness is pretty damn delightful compared to other more business-y interviews and news.

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