Which Part of "No" Does Yahoo! Not Understand?

Dear Yahoo! Member,

Last year we announced changes that affect how we communicate with Yahoo! members about Yahoo!’s own products and services. However, we have not yet implemented those changes for all our registered members. Because of your previous account settings, Yahoo! has not yet sent you marketing communications under the new program. Before we do, we want to remind you how to set your preferences, and let you know what has changed and what is not changing.

Background Information
Over the years, we’ve sent emails to some registered Yahoo! members about Yahoo! products and services. We’ve also delivered promotional messages to Yahoo! members on behalf of our marketing partners. When you first registered with us and created your Yahoo! ID, our system presented a single “Yes” or “No” option for receiving all types of marketing communications. At some point you said “No,” and after that we no longer sent any of these types of messages to you.

In March 2002, we began rolling out an updated marketing communications system. Instead of just a single “Yes” or “No” choice, we created a new Marketing Preferences page where you decide:

* whether you want to hear from Yahoo! about our own products and services, and separately, whether you want to hear from Yahoo! about the offerings of our marketing partners;

* whether you want to hear from Yahoo! about certain types of Yahoo! products and services but not others (For example, you can select specific categories such as “Managing personal finances” or “Using Yahoo! for research and surfing the Web,” and de-select other categories that might not be of interest to you.);

* whether you want to hear from Yahoo! (or not) by postal mail or telephone, in addition to email.

When this updated system was first announced in March 2002, we told you we’d begin sending you messages about Yahoo! products and services across all categories, even though you had said “No” to messages under the old single choice system. We also told you that you could still say “No” to these messages by visiting your Marketing Preferences. But we did not completely implement this change until now.

What’s Changing on January 1, 2004
Starting January 1, 2004, Yahoo! will begin to send you messages, via email or postal mail, about our own products and services. (We will not send you postal mail if you have given us a mailing address and have opted out of contact via postal delivery.) You can control the types of messages you receive by visiting your Marketing Preferences at any time.

What’s Not Changing on January 1, 2004
As in the past, you will not be sent messages on behalf of our marketing partners. We will not call you on the telephone to market products or services. If you ever change your mind about any of these choices you can let us know by visiting and updating your Marketing Preferences at any time. Every marketing email you receive from Yahoo! will continue to include instructions for how to unsubscribe from more marketing email. And, as always, you can delete your Yahoo! account altogether at any time, for any reason, by going to the deletion page.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. We look forward to serving you.



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