More Meaningful Maps and Being Ideologically Land-locked

Check out this re-jiggering of the Calf. vote break-down. It doesn’t reveal anything shocking that a numbers minded person wouldn’t think of themselves, but the contrast between the two styles of maps (and their pixel-to-vote values) is pretty shocking: well, re: how much data is lost by the purely geographic one.

It also brings up the idea of politically land-locked cities — The Bay is a huge hunk of liberal folks surrounded by a more conservative state. We’ve got similar problems, on a smaller scale, here in Austin. As Zane has pointed out many times our “Winner Takes All” system robs political minorities all too frequently.

Things like redistricting, the continuing success of our former governor, and my thoughts on the Hoopla of the Week (spelled out pretty well by SK Bubba)
make me feel increasingly ideologically land-locked. I don’t think that’s a good or “cool” thing either: it just makes life harder.

(Map link found at DUH BLOG.)

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