CNET to Acquire

The Register has a good run down of this story. My reaction to the other outlet’s headlines — vacant as they always are compared to The Register — was a big “huh?”

The interesting points are:

  • “CNET staffers were puzzling over how the mothership found itself tweaked into an improbable and very hastily arranged relationship between two hugely unlikely partners, both apparently lured to sin by the glamor of latest Silicon Valley goldrush: copy-protected music downloads. “
  • “CNET has acquired the domain name, to add to its existing treasures, such as “” and – stop laughing, you folks – “”. The music archive, however, gets it in the neck. ” Yuh!
  • All of the musicians have until Dec. 2nd to get their good off of After that, they’re all deleted.
  • And, of course, the notion that by owning a copyright-friendly distribution channel, CNET will have a hard time being unbiased on it’s coverage of the whole MP3-world.

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