Saturday Night Links

  • “Why I Hate Standup Meetings” – while this isn’t a very convincing argument against ’em, it’s fun to read a different perspective. For the record, I like standup meetings; I don’t mind standing.
  • “Is Google Good?” – a detailed article speculating about Google’s future with plenty of good business-y insights and observations.
  • In related news, declined a buy-out from Google for $30 million, instead accepting $13 million from VC’s. “Why denie Google’s $30m?”, you might ask…

    But [Google’s offer] was less than the $53 million valuation that Benchmark and Kleiner were willing to set on Friendster during the latest investment round.

    Clearly, the Friendster folk’s priorities are a bit different than mine would be: I’d accept any multi-million dollar buy-out, and cash the check ASAP.

  • New Economic Bloc, the Group of 20-plus:

    [At the Sep. WTO meeting] there was also a striking new development: the emergence of a coalition of not-so-poor nations that no longer fit the profile of either have or have-not. Calling itself the Group of 20-plus, the bloc was conceived by Brazil and India as a way to bring together large, resource-rich and economically dynamic nations from the South — a not strictly geographical label since it includes China as well as Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico and Argentina.

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