Morning Coffee

A note on drag-and-drop usability:

The most surprising result that CA discovered was that drag-and-drop is not as intuitive as we all think it is. Of course, this may be fine when it comes to IT developers and those that are used to IT in general, but it turns out that many users are not as happy with the idea of dragging windows around a desktop as we all thought.

I tried to find the source, but CA wasn’t very yeilding.

And some comments from Intel CEO,Craig Barrett, on one of our favorite topics:

[A]ll this discussion of productivity, competitiveness and outsourcing will increasingly drive U.S. companies to recognize that to be competitive in the world, they will have to invest in IT infrastructure. Those two things will probably pivot IT spending up in the enterprise space.

. . .

Taiwan, with a population of 25 million, makes 50 percent of computer peripherals. Let’s imagine a country like China with two and a half billion people coming into the system. Would it be an impact 100 times as big? Even if it’s only 10 times as big, it’s cataclysmic.

Classical economists will tell you it’s wonderful; a rising tide lifts all boats: If they get the jobs, the standard of living and consumption power goes up and then we’ll sell to them. But the devil is in the details. If they take all the jobs before they start buying things, is that a challenge? The one clear thing is you have to move your contribution to a higher level on a continuing basis.

There’s an interesting tangent on Barrett talking to/with the Whithouse: you don’t usually see anything about politics in the tech rags.

Also, for Thursday chart drawers, The Cat has off-hand comment about Magic Quadrants.

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