XP, Pair Programming Negative Chatter

Check out this entry and comment from “Mr Ed.” It’s a well done anti-XP discussion.

In another (this time, pro) XP/Agile post, there’s a good quote on the need for business to re-jiggering how success is determined when Agile methods are adopted,

Agile approaches excel in volatile environments in which conformance to plans made months in advance is a poor measure of success. If agility is important, then one of the characteristics we should be measuring is that agility. Traditional measures of success emphasize conformance to predictions (plans). Agility emphasizes responsiveness to change. So there is a conflict because managers and executives say that they want flexibility, but then they still measure success based on conformance to plans. Wider adoption of Agile approaches will be deterred if we try to “prove” Agile approaches are better using “only” traditional measures of success.

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