Vice City Ad of the Day

What makes a real American? A cowboy hat? Enjoying a fine T-bone
steak? Going to a baseball game? Shooting a gun? Maybe it�s the freedom to go
into a poor country and tell them how to do things?! Heh! Those are all great
qualities! But one thing that makes a true patriot is the ability to choose
an American car! When you buy an import you take a hot meal off a hard
working American�s table. (Baby cries) There, there! This poor girl is going
to starve to death, just because you bought a cheaper, more efficient
Maibazu. Without gross symbols of excess, what will Americans have to look up
to? Our great industries is a threaten! Cars, pornography, armaments! And
they need your help! So the next time you buy a car, a piece of adult
literature or a missile defense system! Make sure you do the American thing!