In Non-Coding News…

One of the hip-hop groups Mason introduced me to long ago, Gangstarr has a new album out. Check out their website: the front-page plays edited-down tracks from the album.

Usually a website that forces sound on you is anoying as all hell, but this one is super-dope! After all, if I’m going to a band’s website, I’m interested in their music, esp. if I just heard there’s a new album. I’m sure it could get anoying after awhile, but at first blush, it’s cool.

We had the right idea in the beginning
And and we just need to maintain our focus, and elevate
We what we do we update our formulas
We have certain formulas but we update em
with the times, and everything y’know
And and so.. y’know
The rhyme style is elevated
The style of beats is elevated
but it’s still Guru and Premier
. . .