My previous employer, The Cobalt Group, bought one of their competitors a few months ago. When I was there, everyone was quite impressed with Cowboy’s lead managing product, Prospector. If you take a look at their flashy site, you can see why: they know how to do sweet tasting eye-candy.

Cobalt and Cowboy are said to both be J2EE based (when I left, Cobalt was in the process of converting one of the their larger products, Lead Manager, from Perl/Apache to J2EE): it’d be interesting to study how well the two systems are integrating with each other, software wise and people wise.

There’s also a little note about Nitra, Cobalt’s internal J2EE based platform:

Version 2.0 of Nitra, the fifth major release of the platform in the past 12 months, was announced in January at NADA 2003 in San Francisco and is now in use by eight (8) OEMs and over 2,500 dealers.

5 releases in 12 months! It must have been a hellish year for the Nitra team.

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