Back in Austin

I got back late last night: the leg between Pheonix and Austin was kind of bumpy. Nonetheless I finished off the first part of the JMX book I’ve been reading. It’s a good book, and an exciting technology.

My plan to cancel my $130/mo. cable and cable modem bill looks like it’s going to work out too: I just got the SBC Yahoo! DSL modem all setup and rigged up to the router: old silverpants is scootin’ all over the internet via the Airport EXTREME! card now; I don’t see why even boring-ass networking equipment has to be EXTREME! now-a-days.

Airport Hijinks

At the security gates of the SF airport, there was a guy who walked through the metal detector with his hands up and a grin on his face. He wasn’t told to, of course: he was just making a little joke that was actually kind of funny. I mean, they had us take our shoes off and put ’em through the xray machine. It’s just getting fucking retarded.

There was another guy, who flew all the way to Austin, who had a big sticker on his luggage, which he checked, that said “NOT YOUR BAG” I guess someone had mixed up their bag with his one to many times.

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