JavaOne: Thursday Language Fest

Eric left me a voice mail saying, “today’s sessions were the best so far,” and I’d have to agree. It’s probably because most of the sessions were about the language itself — Generics, J2SE 1.5 features (which I didn’t go to), writing better performing code, and the evening BoFs about Metadata and how Tiger features will affect some of the code in the JDK.

The two BoFs with Joshua Bloch — along with Grahm Hamilton and Neal Gafter, in the first and second, respectively — tonight really delivered. At the bottom of my notes for the first session I wrote “Wow,” and I stayed for a good hour or two after the second listening to Bloch and Gafter talk to the circles of folks around who stayed after. They basically gave an indepth discusion and Q&A on Generics, Metadata, enums, and varargs…all things that making coding in Java easier, but which are all difficult to code up. Changing the language is always a hot topic, as people start to get hissy; and, to a degree, as Sun and the JSR process seems to cherry pick from already successful 3rd party apps. But, “students copy, but the best artists steal,” etc., etc..

I’ll be flying back to Austin tomorrow in the mid-afternoon, and checkout is at noon, so I don’t if I’ll be going to any of the sessions. Most of them don’t look to hot anyways — some web service stuff, some marketing type stuff, and some really small niche stuff — and there’s only 2 or 3 hours worth anyhow.

I’m hoping to spend the time digesting and typing up notes instead. I’ve got over half of a 50 page notebook scribbled up, so there’s plenty to play around with. We’ll see how naive my ambitions are.

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