NYTimes on Wikis:

The most distinctive characteristic of a wiki is that anyone in the group (or for public wiki sites on the Internet, anyone who visits) can edit, modify or even delete material on the pages. Such a free-form collaborative process can be messy and chaotic, and it requires a commitment to the group that may not sit well with some egos. But over time, wiki advocates say, a group voice or consensus emerges into what some enthusiasts call “emergent intelligence.”

The creative anarchy of the wiki is the philosophical inverse of conventional corporate groupware software. Groupware’s highly structured rules and processes do not always reflect the way people really work. Employees often ignore costly corporate-sanctioned software and revert to informal social networks — whether simply e-mail or impromptu water-cooler discussions.

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Gosling Interview:

Why do you think Sun hasn’t capitalized on the stewardship of Java versus other J2EE platform players like IBM and BEA?

I think that we have capitalized on it. But we’ve capitalized on it in a different way. Our goal was really more to create a healthy market for software into which we could sell hardware. And if you go back seven or eight years, the sort of nightmare scenario for us was one where every machine was required to run Windows NT and there was no way that, for a variety of reasons, we could really build Windows NT machines in any sort of competitively useful way. And what Java has done for Sun is really make the market for hardware and the market for software somewhat decoupled so that you can make a software decision independent of a hardware decision.

The News from Matt Ray:

Rob Zombie has agreed to write and direct a sequel
“With ‘HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,’ Rob Zombie has established
himself as a filmmaker with a passionate artistic vision
as well as an eye towards the pop culture zeitgeist, judging
from the cult status the film is quickly achieving,”
said LIONS GATE President of Production Mike Paseornek.
The film is scheduled for release in April 2004, to
coincide with the one-year anniversary of the original.
Lion’s Gate Films