Saturday Morning Distractions

I woke up this morning thinking I’d finish off a large chunk of Smart Mobs, but half way through the first chapter, I made the mistake of checking my email, and then, of course, that led to the endless task of “keeping up with the web,” which ferreted out these interesting pages:

  • “We Media” – “We Media augments traditional methods with new and yet-to-be invented collaboration tools ranging from e-mail to Web logs to digital video to peer-to-peer systems. But it boils down to something simple: our readers collectively know more than we do, and they don’t have to settle for half-baked coverage when they can come into the kitchen themselves.”
  • Sarah Lai Stirland Weblog – “This Weblog is meant to be an accompaniment to my work as a journalist. It’s also meant as a discussion forum between myself and people whom Dan Gillmor calls [in the above link] the ‘former audience.'” That is, an attempt to use a weblog (more broadly, the web) to augment print journalisim and, no doubt, the vice-versa. Beware though, her posts seem even longer than Zane’s ;>
  • Jan. 9, 2002 Rumsfeld Interview with the Washington Post tramscript
  • Weblog about “on-line expierence” – this looks like some interesting writing on using webpages, with interviews of industry folks, etc. Basically, just more interesting yammer about the web.

Normally, I’d stick crap like this over on links weblog, but what the hell?

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