News Flash: Title for Zane Rockenbaugh's Unofficaial Biography Finally Discovered

Failure was Not an Option: How to Succeed: the Zane Rockenbaugh Story,
Out-performing the Wealthy, Chimps and Otherwise: the Zane Rockenbaugh Story

Bonus epigraph:

Thus, by the bar set by our feces flinging simian friend, the claims of the wealthy to exceptional business prowess are shown to be just so much shit.

Publisher’s Weekly predicts first week sales to sky-rocket to over 300,000; international sales “limitless.” Movie rights may sell for over $500 million US, says gonzo-global-media-conglomerate Coté Industries.


. . .

P.S.: let us hope that whatever snazzy new content system Zane gets has permalinks that work all the time.

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