I am a Dork, Part XXXIV

I went browsing at the Anderson Mill Half-Priced Books, and I got all giddy when I found a copy of Understanding SNMP MIBs; as you may recall, dear readers, I wrote a little MIB parser a little while ago. There’s some fun looking graphs (of what, I don’t know), and a detailed write-up of all the MIB macros, like OBJECT-TYPE. I’ve only read the MIB RFCs which, while they have a certain style that gets comfortable after awhile, lack that certain club-chair chit-chat feel that books have over specs.

If you’re a bit of the tech-book scavenger, that Half-Priced Books location has a lot of good computer books now: there’s several Python books, a few copies of Ruby in a Nutshell, what looks like an original Being Digital, and innumerable other weird, but interesting looking books.

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