More from the Email Genius, Maxx Power

From: Maxx Power
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 4:25 PM
To: Matt Kinman
Subject: zup zup

Dude, My wireless Bling report was by no means meant to be Blogware. I wrote
that on the fly while eating pizza combos, drinking 1% milk and watching
Austailian V8 super car racing on my DVR. My prose was sloppy and my
structure wasn’t sound. I did not even finish touting the superior 802.11a
protocol. Please forward my apologies to the drunk and Retied community. I
offer the Ghetto Hooptie Woo song by Bubb Rubb an Lil Sis as a sacrifice.
This track was mixed by the great Evil Shift Key…not that hack

Must get 1% milk, “pizza combos,” and start watching Australian car racing…then maybe I’ll be as funny as Maxx.

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