Disjoint Post of Bitterness

Damn it, instead of West Wing, there’s some weird network movie about the news media covering combat in the middle-east (well, in one of The ‘Stans at least) with Jeff Goldblum.
(I hope they make another Buckaroo Banzai for him to be in. That’d be sweet.)

HBO had one of those awhile ago, except it wasn’t sappy and didn’t have those stupid “The Adventures of the Moron Interns of Dell” commercials: dude, your new commercials suck goat-stump!

If you’re a war-journalists junkie like myself, you’re better off with something like The Lion’s Grave or Ambushed. Hell, even HST’s black-ball opium laced coverage of The Fall of Saigon from Laos might be better. Sure, they’re “books,” but they’re good, and they don’t have that eerie English Patient meets Mohammed’s Discount Music Shack sound track all through out.

…yeah, yeah, I’m just bitter about there being no West Wing to watch. I sure do hope War Stories isn’t an indication of the quality we can expect from NBC’s all-but over-hyped Kingpin.

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