"One usually expects a vote like this to goto the slutty girl."

The Bloater Brothers

Tonight’s SNL is a repeat, but as I remember, it’s a pretty damn good one.

“Let’s cut the rest of the lunch line, because they’re running out of sloppy joes, and I don’t have a free period..”

“That boy is cooler than Sister Mary Margaret’s nipples on a cold winter’s morning.”

“We would not be here today without the support of the dorks, the geeks, and, of course, the kid who wears the fedora!”

“If you go to a house, and the grass is very high, and the weeds growing everywhere, you say, ‘Ahhhh, that is a crazy person’s house!’ And you run away! I don’t want you to have a crazy house!”

“I’ll take a bottle of Chivis with a straw!”

To finish is off, how about some Jupiter analyst commentary on web design:

I’m not sure that there are lessons here for others; though old chestnuts like “clear navigation paths are better than convoluted ones,” “less text is generally better than more text,” “holding to a single graphical and text style is more pleasing to the eye than a mish-mash,” and “you can never go wrong with cute frogs and monkeys” do come to mind.

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