Disjoint Post of Bitterness

Damn it, instead of West Wing, there’s some weird network movie about the news media covering combat in the middle-east (well, in one of The ‘Stans at least) with Jeff Goldblum.
(I hope they make another Buckaroo Banzai for him to be in. That’d be sweet.)

HBO had one of those awhile ago, except it wasn’t sappy and didn’t have those stupid “The Adventures of the Moron Interns of Dell” commercials: dude, your new commercials suck goat-stump!

If you’re a war-journalists junkie like myself, you’re better off with something like The Lion’s Grave or Ambushed. Hell, even HST’s black-ball opium laced coverage of The Fall of Saigon from Laos might be better. Sure, they’re “books,” but they’re good, and they don’t have that eerie English Patient meets Mohammed’s Discount Music Shack sound track all through out.

…yeah, yeah, I’m just bitter about there being no West Wing to watch. I sure do hope War Stories isn’t an indication of the quality we can expect from NBC’s all-but over-hyped Kingpin.

More from the Email Genius, Maxx Power

From: Maxx Power
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 4:25 PM
To: Matt Kinman
Subject: zup zup

Dude, My wireless Bling report was by no means meant to be Blogware. I wrote
that on the fly while eating pizza combos, drinking 1% milk and watching
Austailian V8 super car racing on my DVR. My prose was sloppy and my
structure wasn’t sound. I did not even finish touting the superior 802.11a
protocol. Please forward my apologies to the drunk and Retied community. I
offer the Ghetto Hooptie Woo song by Bubb Rubb an Lil Sis as a sacrifice.
This track was mixed by the great Evil Shift Key…not that hack

Must get 1% milk, “pizza combos,” and start watching Australian car racing…then maybe I’ll be as funny as Maxx.

The Maxx Power Wi-Fi Report

From: Maxx Power
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 12:23 PM
Subject: wireless bling

Okay, this debacle kept me up last night so I had to go to the library to
research. Here are my finding:

ho hum connectivity for the masses. Popular with AOL users and Expedition
driving soccer moms. Oh wait. Maybe net yet. uses 2.4Ghz range with a splash
of sprectrum spread. Max speed 11Mbps. This protocol will interfere with
your X-10 video distribution and your cordless phone network…assuming you
are up to date.

802.11b with some ‘speed tweaks’. Kinda like a street racer bolting on clear
corners, cold air induction and a cat-back GReddy exhaust.
Uses 2.4Ghz. Will work with 802.11b networks. 54Mbps max speed. Apple uses
this in their AirPort® Extreme. They really should have called it Xtreem
AirPort®….but who am I to name brand?

54Mbps max speed. uses 5.4 MGhz. Not compatible with b or g protocols.

stay tuned for 802.11e and 802.11h