Holiday Coffee

I’d go to a local coffee place if there was one within walking distance from work, but there’s not, so I go over to the Starbuck’s in the Randall’s across the way from time-to-time.

Yesterday, I had an Egg Nogg Latté: it was quite good. Kind of like warm egg nogg without the rum or whisky.

Today, I drinking a Gingerbread Latté: it’s kind of good. Oddly, it tastes just like you’d expect really cheap ginger-bread cookies to taste like. You know, you could get good, fluffy and soft ginger-bread cookies, or you could get a box of ginger-bread cookies. This Latté tasts much like the second. But, in that respect, it’s kind of fun.

Holiday Coffee

Some Things Zane Won't Do:

  1. Submit a master’s thesis or disertation to UT as they require you to buy an MS-Word template.
  2. Watch shows with cliff-hangers.

Matt Ray Responds:

mraytheloc: That was pretty fast with the blog update.
bushwald: They call me “Sir Speedy.”
mraytheloc: OK
bushwald: I must confess.
bushwald: They do not call me “Sir Speedy.”
bushwald: I made that up.
mraytheloc: You’ve shattered my carefully constructed image of you as “Sir Speedy”. More like “Knave Quickly”

"The Sims Online" Now Costs

I’m not a huge Sims fan, but I know Kim sure likes it…

The game costs $49.99, plus a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. The first month is free…. Analysts say the subscription version of “The Sims” may attract about 500,000 users in a year, making an online world with a population on par with Seattle.”

The Statesman’s article has some better anaylsis at the end: “This will help position the PC as an entertainment source for both women and men in the home and will push the mind-set that gaming is not just for males.”

Sopranos Not Back 'till September 2003

. . .

In other news, America Undercover is about The Bunny Ranch tonight. As I remember, Insomniac had a little jaunt out there last season. Good Lord, there’s a mother taking her son the whore-house. HBO: “not just television.”