Microsoft plots Macromedia coup against Java:

The J2EE community sorely lacks a programming environment that can make Java more accessible to mainstream developers.

What is a “mainstream developer”? I’m not poo-pooing on the article’s story, or the possible strategy of MS buying Macromedia, at all; rather, I’m curious what kind of coder this article is talking about: I thought I was a mainstream coder, but I’ve never had any problems dealing with J2EE stuff. There is a bulk of knowledge needed to code in it, and some tedium, but isn’t that how all coding is?

I’ve occasionally suspected that MS coding is easier, or less tedious, than the world of coding I know, in that there’s a closed set of functionality that can be done: that all of them can be funneled into an IDE that has a bunch of Wizards and the occasional text entry. Maybe it’s not so much a closed set of functionality, so much as a closed set of how that functionality can be coded.

But this still leaves the question open: what is a “mainstream developer”?

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