KHM: Game

Generally disenchanted with the current state of musical affairs, Keith claims the only person who moves him these days is Missy Elliott. “I don’t see anyone doing anything more innovative than [her], including myself. People will listen to a bunch of records that have no significance. They will go out and buy a CD just because it has somebody weird on the cover or because it looks like it has 18 spaceships on it. It’s just marketing. The CDs look so future, and then you put the music in and it sounds like some 1974 shit.”

To answer’s Matt Ray’s question, the new Kool Keith — rather “KHM” — album I have is called

. It’s pretty good so far, as long as you like the post-Black Elvis / Lost in Space stuff.

Then again, one Amazon reviewer said, “My roommate, who typically lets me listen to whatever insane [stuff] I want made me turn this album off.”

Also, it looks like there’s more albums coming:

“I’ve got stuff for soundtracks. I’ve got Keith … Straight Up Keith. Then Keith Part 2: The Return of Keith; The Return of Black Elvis 2; The Awakening � Keith; Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis and Dr. Dooom; Jackie Jasper and Keith Part 1; Dr. Dooom Part 2; Matthew Part 2; Sex Style Part 2 and 3, all going down � endless. A compilation of new artists, I’ve got volumes one, two and three. Ultramagnetic Part 2: The Return and The Resurrection of Dr. Octagon. It’s all being worked on right now as we speak.”

But, I wouldn’t be suprised if the loki of hip-hop was just making all that shit up for the interviewer.

There’s also Statesman article from Dec. 12:

Keith doesn’t much rap the way you might think of Jay-Z, Eminem or Snoop rapping. Half the time, he seemed to simply declare his comments somewhere near the beat rather than on it, before it or behind it. He mumbled, he yelled, he occasionally rapped, and hip-hop fans found themselves totally hypnotized.


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