Kitchen Krisis: Pasta Spills!

As most of you know, I have, as some have called it, “sick” fascination and photo-graphic memory for commercials. My favorite this week is the
commercial: a red pot whose lid locks onto the base, and allows you to easily pour out the water you’ve boiled your pasta in.

You may be asking, “What’s the need for this cheap looking hunk of red-metal that’s sure to end up on the recycled K-Mart shelves of BigLots! or Dollar General sometime next year?” Apparently, dear reader, Americans are increasingly unable to properly pour pasta into a colander. Long strands of spaghetti and linguine are being eaten alive by the gapping maw of the

The commercial depicts straining pasta as a perilous task, often resulting in most of your pasta missing the colander, and slipping down the drain. Then, of course, there’s the shot of the family — a boy, a girl, and a man — in virtual riot because diner’s not ready yet. Use the PastaPro, and you can stave off the all too often occurring kitchen riot. I know I’d go ape shit if my spaghetti wasn’t served to me in a timely manner. And don’t give me lip about how hard it is to drain pasta! Just fix the damn problem, Jane! Thanks PastaPro!

I could go on, but I’ll a spare you the vivid recollections. Some ad-wizard created a problem that’s never existed before: draining pasta.

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