While booking a flight for the holidays, I had the chance to see what the airlines are offering now-a-days.

At least they’re honest.

Zane says,

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 21:22:04 -0600M
Subject: Bland
From: “Zane Rockenbaugh
To: “Michael Cote”

Bland is certain type of medical diet. Basically, no additives (salt,
spices, etc.). It’s for people with very sensitive stomachs or certain


Late Night Time Wastin'

Now everybody that knows me
Knows just the way I feel
When my baby ain’t around
I’ve lots of time to kill

I wonder how much money and success there is in doing late-night ads for things like Elvis CD’s. The market of the viewing audience has to be so large that you can move enough re-packaged music to do all right.

The slice of business of re-packaging things and selling them seems facinating in the first place: the middle-man, though it may seem boring in a day-in-and-day-out sort of way is an endless source of “how the hell does that work?!” if you look close enough at it.

The Big Sleep:

The phone rang back in five minutes. I had finished my drink and it made me feel as if I could eat the dinner I had forgotten all about; I went out leaving the telephone ringing. It was ringing when I came back. It rang at intervals until half-past twelve. At that time I put my lights out and opened the windows up and muffled the phone bell with a piece of paper and went to bed. I had a bellyful of the Sternwood family.