Coffee achievers:

Loaded with useful sidebars and diagnostic quizzes, this user-friendly manual offers advice on the optimal ”dosing” that will make us smarter, calmer, safer, thinner, healthier, sexier, less bored and ”hostile.” The trick is for each user to ride the Yerkes-Dodson Biophasic Curve, which tracks that mystical point beyond which caffeine’s benefits begin to reverse themselves. Though too much caffeine can lead to jitteriness and insomnia, the authors dismiss the notion that caffeine is harmful – or even truly addictive. The only real risk is falling into ”caffeinism,” as psychiatrists have labeled compulsive and self-defeating overconsumption of the stuff.

Link found at qdbp. And some whimsy from MSNBC:

That’s when Weinberg told me about something called the Yerkes-Dodson Biphasic Curve, which, in layman’s terms, is shaped like an inverted “u.” The curve basically shows that a little caffeine gives you a little jolt, more caffeine gives you more jolt, but even more caffeine gives you less jolt. (And Jolt Cola just gives you rotten teeth.)

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