Food, Work, and Drink

duct tape removes warts.

(1.) Apparently, in 5 years, only the Greeks can make Feta.

(2.) Martin Hutchinson on the Future of Work, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

An ability to handle rapid change will no longer be necessary, or even desirable…. The ability to work 80-hour weeks will also be superfluous. Whereas tech-savvy staff was scarce in the boom years, they will be plentiful once growth and change have vanished. In some areas, similar to automobiles or movies in the 1930s, innovation will continue, since it will form an important competitive weapon by which strong companies will increase market share at the expense of the weak.

(3.) And, finally, here’s a drink that’s, well, just not good. However, Stolichnaya + half a lime = yuh!

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