Artificial Constraints

What we fear is that current
methods do not allow us to build soft enough software, because present methods and
design paradigms seem to inhibit adaptability. Therefore the majority of software
practitioners tend to become experts at what they can specify in advance, working with
the unstated belief that there exists an optimal solution that can be planned a priori.

Once technology is adopted by an organization, it often becomes a constraining structure
that in part shapes the action space of the user.

–“Scrum: An Extension Pattern Language for Hyperproductive Software Development

That is the process adopted can define and constrain what’s thought think is possible: really, this is a more detailed re-statement of the old, “think outside the box” maxim.

Reduced to that cliche, it seems too simplistic. However, there’s nary a group that hasn’t been hurt by strict adherence to their methodology or technologies.

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