Saturday Without My Girl

I’ve been watching Red Planet for about 30 minutes. I missed the first 10 minutes or so. I have no idea what’s going on in the movie: they spent, like, all 30 minutes of that time landing on Mars. Perhaps all the action and space ships flying was fun to watch on the big screen, but it’s kind of, well, confusing on the TV.

I’ll give it one thing though: it’s got good attention to detail. The computer the space-crew interacts with has a good futuristic-computer personality and functionality, e.g., it addresses people directly when it thinks they’re the primary receiver of a message.

At one point, the “Commander” of the ship is telling the computer to do something; and the computer responds something Scotty-like, “it will be very difficult”; and then the Commander tells the computer, “I’m not gonna take no for an answer”; and then the computer keeps trying, and succeeds; the computer then says, “[System Blah Blah] working. Good job, Commander.”

Anyhow, it’s obviously a sci-fi geek-a-zoid movie. Red Planet has the guy from The Limey in it, and Iceman, so it ain’t all bad.

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