The Sopranos: Season 4 Analyzed; Week 2

Meadow enrolls in a Columbia course with the title, “Morality, Self and Society.” Could this be a subtitle for this season? The so-called moral code in Tony’s little society is unraveling. Christopher gets appointed “acting capo” and is already predicting that Carmela will not be first lady forever. Silvio, wounded in response to being passed over, is undermining Tony’s authority. Paulie wants to defect to Johnny Sack in New York. Every man is out for himself despite the solemn oath each of them uttered when he became a made man. To paraphrase Bertolt Brecht, morality is a luxury of those with full stomachs. Times is hard, and Tony and his boys are getting desperate.

A fine re-cap of the begining of this season. Also, Week 3:

Could David Chase and Co. pull it off for another season? That’s what everyone was waiting to see. And although I’m still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt—and rooting for them—I’m starting to get worried. For one thing, the writers seem to be pressing. With so many characters and story lines, there is just too much going on. Perhaps they have simply “frontloaded” the first episodes, as they did in earlier seasons, and things will get untangled as the show develops. Let’s hope so.

The Sopranos: Season 4 Analyzed; Week 2

Saturday Voicemail from London, or, "How's that?"

(We hear a voice in the background…)

Jason: “What’re you doin’?”

cowboyd: “I’m
callin’ my friend from home…it’s his answering machine.”

Jason: “Maybe I should leave him a message. (cowboyd hands the phone over…)
I hear you introduced
Charles to Jameson. Good job,
man. We drank a whole bottle of Jamesons. How’s that? Ah…we’re
drunk, callin’ strangers. What’s up stranger? …….I don’t know what else to say
really .”

cowboyd (in the background): “HA! HA!
Ahh, that’s good!”

Fote Flip?

According to the snopes folks the fote of Bush reading a book upside down that’s making the rounds is a fake. It took me awhile to see what they’re saying, but if you look closely at the book Bush is holding, the picture is out of whack: if you flip the book right side-up, you’ll notice that the picture on the back of the President’s book has the opposite orientation of the picture on the right-side up book the girl is holding. Just take a long look, you’ll see what I’m getting at.

But don’t despair about the lack of Bush eye-rollers, we still have choice Bush-isms like this one made while golfing:

“I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers,” said Bush, golf club in his hand. “Thank you. Now watch this drive.”

I tell you what: don’t get much better than that.

(Link to snopes found at


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cowboyd: always makes me think “shit meal”
cowboyd: perhaps that’s why server side includes never became popular.
cowboyd: “index dot shit meal”
cowboyd: sidebar.”shit meal”
cowboyd: uggh.
bushwald: iwilltakea.shtml.
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