Yet Another Weblog

Just in case, my dear reader(s), you haven’t noticed, I started a new weblog, CotéCode (available on the left links-bar) to categorize all my coding related posts into. Some folks get especially bored by such stuffs, so I thought it best to make it easy to filter it out.

With all these crazy logs running around, I’m gonna have to rig up my old RSS-XSLT quick-and-dirty aggregator thingy to make one Super-Coté WebLog, or something.

Subway Art

Written On The Subway Walls:

Sub Media, cofounded by Spodek and Matthew Gross in 1999, produces 15- to 20-second animated ads that appear on subway tunnel walls. This is accomplished through a series of backlit pictures which Spodek compares to “the frames in a film reel.” The pictures, printed by the U.K.’s Photobition Group on Kodak transparencies, spring to life as the train speeds by, creating a fluid film and giving passengers the effect of being inside a giant flip book.

Check out the little video of this wicked stuff in action.

Thinlet GUI

Thinlet looks super-dope: “Thinlet is a GUI toolkit, a Java class which parses the hierarchy and properties of the GUI, handles user interaction, and calls business logic. Separates the graphic design (described in an XML file) and the application methods (written as Java source).”

JDBC Theatre

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

I don’t know how much Oracle charges for their “data bases”, but aparantly they don’t get enough money to invest in writing good, or even average, error messages, i.e., which God damn column is too large?

New Bottle o' Ardbeg

Ardbeg in the box

Ardbeg in the bottle

I finished off the Bowmore last night, so after some Kim Phung with Zane the mood for a new Islay scotch struck, and I fetched a bottle of Ardbeg. I haven’t actually had any yet — I’m waiting for the Kim Phung to go down — but it sure does look good.

A little booklet came in the box, and I can join there’s a registration card (so to speak) that I can mail off to Scotland if I can figure out the postage. A few years ago, at for my birthday Zane gave me a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Bread — a fine bourbon if you’re into that — and there was a little card to mail in for that bottle. I became a member of the Rare Bread Society, and I got all sorts of stickers, letters, and even a member directory one year. Maybe if I mail in this one I’ll get the same type of fun junk-mail.

Also, I decided to do some of my Christmas shopping early.